Episode # 3: Frank Gustafson – Host of the Lead Like Like a Marine Podcast & Owner of Oneboldmove.com

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Ep 3 Frank Gustafson

Frank Gustafson talks about Veterans in transition. Frank is the owner of oneboldmove.com and host of Lead like a Marine podcast.   A Marine Corps veteran, successful businessman, entrepreneur, coach and trainer.

Episode #2: Tim Lawson – CEO of Lawson Entertainment & Host of the Veteran Empire Podcast

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Ep 2 Tim Lawson

Tim Lawson Marine Corps veteran, embassy guard, CEO of Lawson entertainment and host of the Veteran Empire podcast.

Episode #1: Veteran On the Move Introduction

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Ep 1 Meet Joe Crane

Joe Crane is the host of Veteran on the Move podcast, Marine Corps Veteran, airline pilot and entrepreneur.  An introduction to the podcast and Joe Crane’s background.


Veteran On the Move podcast

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Hi I'm Joe Crane a 24 year Military Veteran and the founder and host of the Veteran on the Move podcast. I'm here to help you transition successfully from the military to entrepreneurship. I look forward to supporting your journey by providing you valuable resources and inspiration.



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