Center for Transitional Leadership with Founder and Army Veteran Bob Ulin


112:  Bob Ulin is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Center for Transitional Leadership, a nonprofit that helps mid-grade military officers and senior NCOs transition to meaningful jobs in the business world.  Bob was on episode 4 of Veteran on the Move when we talked about his retirement from the Army and transition during the post Desert Storm drawdown.  Recently Bob has been busy with the Center For Transitional Leadership and is here today to share his vast experience and knowledge on the subject of transition.

TRANSITIONS 2.0 A Field Guide for Mid-Career Professionals and Veterans Seeking New Challenges in the Business World Transitions 2.0 

The Center for Transitional Leadership (CTL) supports military professionals during their transition from military service to private sector employment. CTL is led and staffed by retired military personnel who have served and are serving as senior executives in the for-profit and nonprofit business communities.  Their network of contacts enables them to provide relevant, focused training and education activities that connect transitioning former military personnel with business leaders from the banking, information technology, manufacturing, transportation, education, public relations, telecommunications, marketing and other industries to facilitate their transition to the private sector.

CTL sponsors the Kauffman Foundation FastTrac® New Venture™ entrepreneurial development course as well as a 20-hour Executive Leadership Transition Program on Fort Leavenworth. Visit the CTL website at   

TRANSITIONS 2.0 A Field Guide for Mid-Career Professionals and Veterans Seeking New Challenges in the Business World Transitions 2.0 

The Veteran On the Move podcast has published over 100 episodes giving listeners the opportunity to hear in-depth interviews conducted by host Joe Crane featuring the people, programs and resources to assist veterans in their transition to entrepreneurship:  Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard veterans, DOD, entrepreneurship, business, success, military spouse, transition, education, programs and resources.  Veteran On the Move has garnered over 500,000 listens verified through Stitcher RadioSound CloudItunes and RSS Feed Syndication making it one of the most popular Military Entrepreneur Shows on the Internet Today.

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