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125: An accomplished military officer, entrepreneur, and self-taught developer, David is the Founder & Executive Director of Operation Code, a coding 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps active military, guard & reserve citizen soldiers, veterans and their families learn to code and build software to change the world. After a decade of service in uniform, David founded Operation Code when he couldnt use his New GI Bill to go to code school to become a software developer and build his dream web app.

The fastest way for military, veterans and their families to get coding.

Veteran-founded and led, our military veterans community of coders and volunteer software developers can help you get unstuck, learn a new programming language and contributing to open source software in no time.

Find out more about David Molina and Operation Code on Davids personal Blog:


Save Time

Like our days in the military, time on target is key. Hack and pair program with a software mentor at no-cost. You’ve already served and it’s our way of saying thank you.


Hands-on Coding

We use Slack, a real-time communication app to post questions and answers, and share snippets of code. When that doesn’t work, we can jump on a Screenhero and pair program even faster sharing screens.


Expert Insights

Our software mentors work the full spectrum from tech startups to defense federal contractors with one thing in common: ensuring our military veterans learn the new 21st century literacy skill.


Nurturing Space

Our active community of military and veterans open source software & hardware enthusiasts help you gain real-world app experience, share job opportunities, conference scholarships, and opportunities to build on your military experience.

When you’re planning to leave the military visit USAA’s separations tools and advice for information on readiness and making a successful transition.

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