3 Ways to Use Your Military Service in Your Business

military service in business

Transitioning from military service to small business success may seem daunting, but veteran entrepreneurs may be surprised to find that many of the skills they’ve developed in the military translate very well into the business world. Here are three ways to use your military service to grow your business.

#1: Leadership Skills

Every branch of the military is highly focused on developing leaders. Stronger leaders increase the chances of success for the team as a whole. You can use much of this leadership training and experience in your business. Leaders with military experience often have a unique view of putting others before themselves. The military likely provided a clear understanding of the importance of mentoring your team members, and different tactics for different personalities. Put these skills to use, and increase loyalty from your team!

#2: Discipline

Starting and managing a business is hard. It requires perseverance through the highest highs and the lowest lows. A core element of military service is maintaining discipline and learning to “embrace the suck”. This stick-to-it mentality can help you in business as you navigate the many challenges you will experience along the way.

Maintaining a mentality of discipline can also help you lead your team. Setting clear standards and expectations, and documenting procedures helps to reduce wasted time and wayward employees.

#3: Adaptability

Life in the military prepares you for expecting the unexpected. In business, you’re likely to encounter challenges that are outside of your plan. Alternatively, you may be presented with opportunities that don’t fit in your original scope. The ability to roll with the punches and make the right decision on the fly can help you greatly.

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