Episode #22: Cedric Terrell is a Marine Veteran and Professional Photographer

Ep 22 Cedric Terrell

Ep 22 Cedric Terrell

Cedric Terrell is a fast-rising professional photographer, with studios in Washington DC,  New York and Los Angeles, has made it his life’s work to celebrate the art of living with style, precision, and a fresh, young perspective that’s been earning him accolades across the country.

From world-class organizations such as The Washington Redskins and the United States Marine Corps to nationally recognized publications like Tagg Magazine and Fender Bender, Terrell has left his mark by bringing to our attention subjects who are making theirs, rending images that are at once striking, personal, and beautiful.

Florida-born-and-bred, Terrell is a seven-year active-duty Marine veteran.  He sees photography as a form of empowerment for his subjects and clients.  Working closely to ascertain their personal needs and styles, he consults each and every project with a boots-shined, on-time attitude that consistently delivers the highest standards of professionalism and personalization.

From headshots and lifestyle spreads to fashion and commercial shoots, Cedric has catapulted Cedric Terrell Photography to an internationally recognized brand with a high-profile client list that keeps on growing.

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