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Eric Bakey, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we are honored to host Eric Bakey on the show. Eric, a former US Army Veteran is the founder of Paradigm Dog Training. Eric struggled in life and in business but finally had some great opportunities and worked as Superintendent in one of the leading escalator manufacturing companies. Today Eric will talk about his learnings from the failures and his success story.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Eric’s life story
  • Transition out of the Army
  • Freelancing with job
  • Starting new business
  • Military concepts in daily life
  • Importance of a target audience
  • Great marketing strategy
  • Advice for veterans

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:02] Eric Bakey’s life story

[02:14] Transition out of the Army

[05:27] Getting involved in side hustle

[07:35] Transition from job to starting a business

[12:45] Starting of new dog training business

[22:26] Applying military concepts in civilian life

[26:32] Arriving at the target audience

[28:37] Executing marketing strategy

[35:18] Advice for veterans

Key Quotes

  1.  “It’s really teaching the people how to communicate and be a leader and not just in their home but in other areas too.”
  2. “It’s simply teaching them how to be clear with what they want from themselves and from their dogs.”
  3. “All of the fundamentals of business are very, very simple. They’re not easy, but they’re simple and you really should begin with just a legal notepad and a pen and write out. What are you really trying to accomplish? What makes you different? What kind of profits are you trying to make? What are you really trying to do? What is the impact you’re trying to do?”
  4. “Unless you can explain the problem that you were solving and how much that problem is worth to your target market, there’s no sense in going any further.”
  5. “Be very clear as a Founder, who you are?”
  6. “How do you lead and who do you serve and what is the value of what you sell and when you can?
  7. “What do you want? But the secret is it’s not about you. It’s who you serve.”

About Our Guest  

Eric Bakey is an army veteran entrepreneur. After cutting his teeth in direct response marketing, he founded a premium dog training business in Austin, TX. He combines leadership lessons learned in the military with street-smart persuasion skills to motivate both man & beast – developing disciplined dogs for fun and profit.




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