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Christian Anschuetz; Veteran On the Move

This episode of Veteran On the Move features Joe interviewing Marine Veteran, entrepreneur, and corporate executive Christian Anschuetz. A classmate of Joe’s from TBS (The Basic School), Christian served eight years on active duty before transitioning to the civilian sector. He shares three reasons why he believes veterans struggle with transition and adapting to the corporate world. Christian details his journey into entrepreneurship, running his own company even after joining a corporation as an officer and later ,a C-level executive. Leveraging his combined experience in entrepreneurship, the military, and the corporate world, Christian now provides strategic advising and coaching for Fortune 500 CEOs. Drawing on this diverse background, he offers insights into successful business leadership, emphasizing the importance of managing with purpose and finding the right team for your mission. He also contrasts the military’s approach to leadership with that of the corporate world, highlighting their key differences. Christian is the founder of Project RELO, a non-profit that brings corporate leaders and executive teams to military bases for an immersive look at military training and operations. This program helps employers recognize the vast potential veterans can bring to their businesses.

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About Our Guest   

Christian has held C-level and executive leadership positions at top global firms in the advertising, cyber security, global safety and supply-chain arenas, and currently serves as an advisor in art and science of strategy activation, In this capacity, Christian helps industry leaders re-imagine and re-invent how their companies do business. He is also a professor in the MBA program at UNC in Chapel Hill where he teaches strategic marketing. And, as a proud member of the US Marine Corps, he founded and heads Project RELO, a nonprofit that helps veterans transition from military service to corporate careers through partnerships with executive business leaders. You can catch him regularly on Cloud Wars Live with Bob Evans, Anschuetz on Leadership, or applying contemporary technologies to farming as he cultivates his organic, sustainable lavender fields.


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