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Today we’re speaking with Canadian Army Veteran Christina Connelly, owner of Kompass Health Associates Inc. Christina speaks about her career in special forces and what led her to entrepreneurship. Christina speaks about the journey that led her to starting Kompass Health Associates. Kompass Health Associates helps empower military members with discovering their individual sense of purpose – their WHY – so that they can make profound and decisive decisions about their next steps next job next career find out how you can help.

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About Our Guest

Christina is passionate about the work that she does. After a very distinguished career in the military, she and her husband decided to go into business together. Recognizing that there are times when we leave the military that we struggle to find our passion which often leads to feeling unfulfilled, Christina saw this as opportunity to elevate others and used her years of experience to design her signature program “Soldier To Self” to help transitioning military members quickly connect with their passion and start creating a rewarding next chapter. Her business, Kompass Health Associates Inc., founded the Canadian Veteran Marketplace group on Facebook – a 31k member social media forum designed to foster the development and growth of Canadian Veteran initiatives.

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