Ignyte Assurance Platform with Max Aulakh

Max Aulakh, Veteran On the Move

This week Joe is joined by Air Force Veteran Max Aulakh, the founder and CEO of Ignyte Assurance Platform. Max served in Security Forces, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. He transitioned out of the military in 2009, during a difficult job market, and started working as a defense contractor. Max entered the world of cybersecurity and entrepreneurship. He discusses the importance of market validation, his journey for the American dream, and details about his latest company Ignyte Assurance Platform. 

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About Our Guest 

Max Aulakh is the CEO and Founder of Ignyte Assurance Platform. He is recognized for his expertise in automating all aspects of DoD & Commercial cyber compliance issues. He gained his start in security as a U.S Air Force Security Leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, where he built his first-of-kind cyber readiness inspection automation capability to identify and analyze vulnerabilities and threats to mission-critical systems supporting the military. He went out and started several cybersecurity products and formed different companies including his latest venture Ignyte Assurance. He is a business leader but also a technical practitioner. Max is routinely sought after for his advice and input into meeting complex cyber federal standards. He has presented at major security conferences.

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