Living a Life of Purpose with Wes Woodhouse

Wes Woodhouse, Veteran On The Move

You finally made it! You’ve landed that dream job but now you might be asking, what’s next? You could settle for the status quo or continue to grow and live a life of purpose. I had the opportunity to talk with Wes Woodhouse about going beyond your dream and finding your purpose in life. This purpose transcends your day job and offers endless opportunities for growth and impact. Seeing the need for strong leadership in his own generation, Wes founded Vector Mastermind with the mission of growing leaders to live a life of purpose. We also discussed the value of a Mastermind Group, which provides honest feedback and accountability, like having your very own board of directors.

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About Our Guest

Wes Woodhouse is a husband, father, marathon runner, and fighter pilot. He has been flying the F-15E Strike Eagle since 2016, and has nearly 500 combat hours. Currently serving as an instructor pilot in an operational test squadron, he works to bring the latest and greatest hardware and software to the F-15. For Wes, flying fighter jets is the fulfillment of his childhood dream, but that is not where his most important work gets done. He believes the battlefield of the coming decades is in the human domain, where human attention will be the most valued resource. Wes mission is to build up the next generation of leaders, armed to take on the dynamic challenges of the 21st Century. He runs the Vector Mastermind, a group of strong, committed men grounded in wise counsel and accountability, striving to live a life of purpose.

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