Matri Decision Management with Anne Gibbon

Anne Gibbon; Veteran On the Move

This episode features Navy veteran and entrepreneur Anne Gibbon, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and the first woman to competitively box at the school. Anne discusses her decision to transition from the military, seeking the freedom to innovate and the challenge of running her own business. She shares the story behind Matri and how this helps leaders process and understand data to aid in decision making. The conversation also dives into the valuable leadership lessons Anne learned from her father and her fellow sailors during her military service.



About Our Guest   

Anne Gibbon is passionate about designing experiences that support leaders in making better decisions. She graduated from the Naval Academy in 2003, setting the 2000m erg record and becoming the first woman at the school to box competitively. She later won the 2007 National Amateur Boxing Championship. Through 10 years of military service Anne moved between roles including navigator of a warship, admiral’s aide, and leadership instructor. Her last tour was at Naval Special Warfare Development Group, where she helped to found an internal think tank. Since leaving the Navy she completed a fellowship at Stanford’s Design School and went on to consulting. Before launching Matri, a decision management and AI tech startup, Anne lived in New Zealand working with Maori tribes, co-designing innovation strategies.


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