Episode #19: Neil Steiner Founder of Propeller Center Experienced Celebrated Serendipity in a Co-working Space

Ep 19 Neil Steiner

Ep 19 Neil Steiner

Neil Steiner founder of the Propeller Center used Indigogo to fund a trip to California to experience a co-working space to gain insight and ideas for the Propeller Center. Propeller Center is an idea to  build something new in a community coworking center. It will be a unique collaborative and shared office environment with ground support services that will help startups succeed. But it’s not just for startups! It will be a fun, hip place to get a cup of coffee and use the free WiFi internet while meeting your friends and coworkers to experience something totally new. Open to those just curious about startups too!  Propeller Center will help to build creative density and entrepreneurial growth.  Propeller Center will be a community co-working space where great new business ideas can soar!

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