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Nick Devlin: Veteran On the Move

In this episode, Joe is joined by Army Veteran and life coach Nick Devlin. Nick served as an Army Ranger, deploying multiple times around the world. After making the difficult decision to separate from Active Duty, Nick entered the civilian workforce. He shares his transition experience and the challenges he faced  finding a new purpose and community outside the military. After realizing that life in corporate America was the wrong direction for him and his family, Nick made a change, refocusing his energy and eventually becoming a coach. As a coach, Nick now helps others create the life they want to live. Find out more about Nick here



About Our Guest  

Nick is a life coach helping stressed out high achievers become whole again and live their lives like a big adventure. Nick is a recovering over achiever and has walked many paths including hardcore punk rocker, engineer, Ivy League MBA student, corporate manager and Army Airborne Ranger. He has never shied away from adventure and has a high tolerance for risk. As a special operations soldier he deployed multiple times, jumped out of many perfectly good airplanes and conducted 100’s of missions in highly volatile parts of the globe.

Through his many first hand exploits and close observation he has learned deep lessons about human nature, the psychology of fear and how the mind works. As a professional life coach he is unafraid to go to the deep spaces with his players and has a passion for freeing people from the grips of limiting patterns and beliefs. He has a powerful presence, ability to listen and skill for increasing awareness and inspiring action.

He has 3 young children and loves outdoor adventure, personal growth and creating transformational experiences to help expand human freedom.


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