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Rob Hughes, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we are honored to host Rob Hughes on the show. Rob, a former National Guard member is a “news anchor on KMBC”. Rob struggled in his journalism career and was fired and hired multiple times from different stations, today Rob will talk about his learnings from these failures and his success story.

Key Points of Discussion

  •     Rob Hughes’s life story
  •     Struggle in journalism career
  •     Getting into the Army
  •     Lessons learned from career
  •     Success stories of veterans
  •     Media personnel for helping veterans

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:32] Rob Hughes’s life story

[05:22] Ups and downs in journalism career

[09:01] Transition into the Army

[17:00] Getting in touch with veteran organizations

[23:02] Great lessons learned

[30:35] Media for Entrepreneurs

[32:09] Success stories

[36:59] How to contact Rob

[38:25] Bottom line

Key Quotes

  1. “I hope that I’ve earned veterans trust.”
  2. “People don’t always trust the media and especially with veterans.”
  3. “Veteran leaders say they utilize social media, but you have two different schools of thought and we’ll see a lot of businesses to come to our studio for commercials.”
  4. “I would just encourage them to really develop relationships with local media personnel.”
  5. “Be comfortable with pitching ideas about their product or service.”
  6. “It’s important people know when businesses choose to give back and that’s another way to to really think about it.”
  7. “Conflict, Character, Controversy, Connection is kind of a framework you can think of to win when you pitch an idea.”

About Our Guest 

Rob graduated from the University of Southern California and is currently working on his MBA at Emporia State University in Emporia Kansas. He’s a professional television broadcaster with the ABC/CW affiliate in Kansas City. Rob is also an infantry officer in the Army National Guard. Rob emcees multiple charity events every year, and serves on several non-profit boards, working as an ambassador and advocate for autism and Veteran/Military causes.




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