Fight Guy to the Flight Guy

John Renken, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we are honored to host John Renken on the show. John, served in the army from 1993 to 1996 and was an infantryman in the 101st airborne division. John started his new career as a professional UFC fighter and then moved on to teaching soldiers Hand to Hand Combat. Today, John will talk about his failures and successes.

Key Points of Discussion

  •     John Renken’s life story
  •     UFC career
  •     Starting of TCL training business
  •     Learning from new companies
  •     Getting into travel business
  •     Identifying potential for business
  •     Advice for the Veterans

 Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:17] John Renken’s life story

[01:53] Transition of the John

[02:31] Starting of UFC career

[04:43] Starting of new business

[09:20] Lessons learned from developing a company

[17:35] Getting into travel business

[22:49] Potential customers of travel business

[24:51] Managing side hustle

[28:26] Teaching people the secrets

[29:30] Advice for the veterans

 Key Quotes by John Renken

  1. “If you haven’t gotten out yet, you’re in a great position to begin this process of figuring out what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. Now that you’re grown up and gotten out of the military.”
  2. “I think the biggest lesson is just do you want to pay the taxes now or do you want to pay the taxes later?”
  3. “The most profitable section of travel is Group Travel.”
  4. “The Google app that says 85% of all travel is planned and purchased by women.”
  5. “I began to realize the need for an exit strategy. I started asking myself. What do I enjoy; what do I love and why would I do it for free even. I love to travel so it became a very clear answer to me that this is a place that I can monetize.”
  6. “If you’re not passionate about it, you probably don’t have the discipline or the motivation to continue doing it when you’re not getting paid.”
  7. “My first recommendation is to find something you’re passionate about and look at the time requirements. You fit it in what you’re doing because you’re going to have to work extra hours and you know entrepreneurialism is a tough road to start with.”
  8. “You know I think college is important but it’s really not the most important thing.”

About Our Guest John Renken

John is a single father of 4 wonderful kids and a retired MMA Fighter who spent the last 30 years fighting and training soldiers in Hand to Hand Combat. Three years ago he started traveling a lot more and wanted to cut the cost of work related travel. So he began researching the travel industry it ignited a fire in him to help people travel more often for less money. Little did he know this would begin a transformation from the Fight Guy to the Flight Guy. His booking engine is beating Expedia by over 30%S. He also does Hotels, Vacations Packages, Group Packages, Mystery Adventures, and courses to show you how to travel more often for less money and how to be a Travel Entrepreneur.




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