Sheets Laundry Club with Chris Videau

Chris Videau, Veteran On The Move

This week Joe is joined by Army Veteran and founder of Sheets Laundry Club, Chris Videau. Chris served as helicopter pilot and while flying in Iraq, witnessed and suffered the damages caused by the pollution of the toxic burn pits. Looking to spend more time with his family, Chris separated from the Army and was drawn towards entrepreneurship. Taking lessons learned from his time as a franchisee, Chris founded Sheets Laundry Club, an eco-friendly solution for laundry and other household needs. Chris shares with Joe how he came up with Sheets Laundry Club and his experience on the hit show Shark Tank.

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About Our Guest 

Chris Videau, is a veteran US Army helicopter pilot who was inspired to create a product that will help eliminate plastic waste. Over the course of 20 years in the US Army, Chris observed our planets plastic problem from the sky while in Iraq he spent most of his days flying through a black haze of pollution caused by burning trash in city streets. Chris returned from Iraq with permanent lung damage from the toxic burn pits where it has been recorded by the Department of Defense that approximately 3.5 million service members could have been exposed to these pits during their time in service. Chris has since felt compelled to be a part of the solution in saving our planet which is why he started Sheets Laundry Club. 

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