Billy Vaughn Starting a Sanctuary Farm and Rest House

William Vaughn Veteran on the Move

Billy Vaughn has been involved with helping people in crisis his whole life. His family was involved in outreach ministry when he was growing up Arkansas, and as a United States Marine for 21 years he helped people in crisis all over the world. For the last nine years he has been involved in multiple recovery contexts in churches, rescue mission, and prisons and specializes in helping people recover from the effects of trauma. For five years Billy served as a Chaplain and Director of Guest Services at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. There he managed a staff of over 50 people and provided services and resources for over 700 guests per night experiencing homelessness.

Billy Vaughn- Unique Perspective

Presently Billy and his wife own a farm in northeast Arkansas and started a non-profit called Sanctuary Farm & Rest House ( They plan to grow and sell organic farm products, have therapy animals, and help rehabilitate men and women who have experienced trauma, to include veterans, by teaching them organic farming and other self-supportive skills. They hope to welcome their first guests in 2019.

Billy served as an infantry Marine for 21 years, 11 of those enlisted and 10 as an officer.

“It gives you a unique perspective.” – Billy Vaughn


During Billy’s last year in the Marine Corps, he decided he would retire.  After retirement, he wanted to go to Seminary. His transition was pretty easy with little idle time between retirement and Seminary training.

“It was kind of like trading one identity for another.  I put being a Marine behind me and my new identity was being a Chaplain.” – Billy Vaughn

Sanctuary Farm and Rest House

Billy and his wife purchased farmland that was in their family and started the non-profit Sanctuary Farm and Rest House.  They wanted to help people in a different and simple way. His wife’s background is in horticulture and they paired that with the recovery experience.

So we started this nonprofit that centered on the farm and bringing people,  veterans, people who’ve experienced different forms of trauma, to include people with addiction issues.  Maybe they’d been incarcerated, maybe they just have a hard time working or maybe they have a hard time transitioning from the military to do something else that it can be kind of like a soft place for them to land while they come here and spend time on the farm with us working with the animals, working with the land. – Billy Vaughn

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