American Hero Missions with Marine Veteran Jim Murphy


JF Murphy is the founder and CEO of American Hero Missions, an educational technology company. A former Marine Corps infantry officer and an Iraq veteran, his company’s mission is to develop content that gets kids reading, developing leadership skills, and gaining pride in American heroes and history.

Jim Murphy- Military Experience

Jim was an infantry officer in the Marine Corps.  He did one stint of active duty with the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines in Hawaii where he had a great time.  Jim worked in Washington D.C. on the hill and then left active duty for a year. Once 9/11 happened, he returned to active duty for 2 years.  He was deployed to Iraq in 2003 during the invasion then decided he would get out.

“I had a plan in place and when I got out and was applying to business schools while I was still in the Marine Corps.  I was lucky enough to get into the University of Southern California.” -Jim Murphy

Business Plan Journey

Jim earned his MBA from USC and started developing toy concepts, brand and entertainment properties.  This is where American Hero Missions began and developed over time. During his program he was a finalist in a business plan competition and won several awards.  After completing his MBA, Jim got a job at Mattel, the largest toy company in the world.

“I worked at a bunch of different companies and said, I’ve got to do my own thing.” -Jim Murphy

Entrepreneurial Venture

When Jim started his company he instilled lessons learned from his previous jobs and still made a few mistakes.  He cited an example of creating physical cats and tell stories about American Hero and leaders to get kids reading, develop leadership skills and getting pride for American Heroes and history.  They tell real historic stories and now make physical products.

“I was an overnight success, but my overnight took 15 years..” -Jim Murphy

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