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The Importance of Digital Marketing for your Small Business

Have you been procrastinating on a digital marketing plan? After your transition from military to civilian life, you may have a great business idea that you plan to bring to fruition. Or maybe you’ve already started your small business and have been relying on traditional forms of advertising. Wherever you may be in the ongoing…

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How to find a Military Friendly School

military friendly schools

What does it mean to be a “Military Friendly” school? Wherever you are in the process of transitioning from the military, chances are, you’ve looked into your post-secondary education options and military-friendly schools. A basic search for “military-friendly schools” generates a multitude of lists and university rankings that some find overwhelming and difficult to navigate.…

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VA Benefit Series: VA Healthcare Benefits available

va healthcare benefits

After you separate from the Military, there are VA Healthcare Benefits that are available for service members. Many veterans are eligible for VA health care benefits, but they don’t know they qualify or how to apply. The Department of Veterans Affairs is obligated to ensure that you receive the assistance. This includes hospital care and…

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The Essentials of the Transition Assistance (TAP) Program

So you’re thinking about separation and transitioning from Military life? The transition from the military to civilian life can be daunting to some.  Some soldiers find that they have no prior civilian work experience when they get out, and finding employment becomes a task in itself. Some find that their injuries or disabilities limit their…

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