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How SMART Goals Can Help Your Business

With the day to day demands of running a business, it’s easy to let strategic planning go by the wayside. When that happens, you end up guiding your business by the small, moment-by-moment decisions you make. That will get you by for a while, but eventually, things will slide off course. SMART goals can help…

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A Plan for Training Your New Hire

Now that your help wanted sign is no longer in the window, you’ll want to get your new employee up and running quickly. A good place to start is by building a plan for training your new hire. Here are some tips to jump-start the process. Create a Training Checklist Begin the training process by…

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Starting a T Shirt and Design Company with Army Veteran George Diaz

George Diaz Veteran on the Move

George Diaz is the founder and Manager of Sua Sponte Design LLC a Graphic Design Screen Printing & Embroidery company out of Visalia California.  George founded 2 companies specializing in Graphic Design, Screen Printing, Embroidery and Friction Wrist Wraps. Tune in to his story, learn classic insights on business, and hear where you too can…