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About this Episode

In this episode, Bunker Labs City Leader and podcast host Joe Crane talks about Bunker Labs, a veteran entrepreneurship program that is focused on helping veteran entrepreneurs and military spouses find the quickest route to a successful business.

 Key Bullet Points

  • Quick notes on Bunker Labs
  • Entrepreneurship Training with Launch Lab Online
  • Getting sponsored workspace with WeWork Veterans in Residence
  • The CEO Circle

 Key Milestones of the Episode

[01:50]  Joe’s exposure to Bunker Labs

[03:30] Introduction to Bunker Labs

[04:46] How Bunker Labs helps veterans successfully start their own business

[09:15]  Entrepreneurship Training with Launch Lab Online

[10:36]  Mission I: Know Yourself

[11:45]  Mission II:  Know Your Customer

[13:57]  The Ideal Scenario for Going into Entrepreneurship

[15:23]  Entrepreneurship Training with Launch Lab Online Contd.

[15:26]  Mission III: Product-Market fit.       

[16:13]  Mission IV: Making Money

[17:01]  Free access in WeWork with the Veterans in Residence program

[20:15]  What’s next after the Veterans in Residence program?

[21:57]  Bunker Brews event

Key Resources

Bunker Labs website

Launch Lab Online

Other Resources

WeWork Veterans in Residence

Key Quotes

“One of many reasons why veterans are not becoming entrepreneurs is that they don’t know all of the options available to them.” – Joe Crane

 “Sometimes, having a successful business is the worst thing that can happen to you.” – Joe Crane 

“You need to figure out the life you want and build a business around it.” – Joe Crane

“If you’re still in the military and you really want to get into entrepreneurship, do as much work and research as you possibly can to try to somehow get started.” – Joe Crane 

“Failed businesses are the best educator of all.” – Joe Crane

“It might not be a good idea if they are not willing to pay for it.” – Joe Crane

“The money side of your business has to make sense, regardless of how many people love your product.” – Joe Crane

“The monthly meeting surrounds CEOs of validated, stable companies with the resources, networks, and mentors they need to position their company for future success.” – Joe Crane

“The first Bunker Brews event in Kansas City is now scheduled for Thursday, August 29.” – Joe Crane 

About Our Sponsor

Navy Federal Credit Union is a member-driven credit union with over 8 million members and incredible benefits to support the financial stability of military families.

Visit navyfederal.org/veteranmove for more information.




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