Start Your Amazon Business Today with Gaye Lisby and Garry Ray

Veteran on the Move, Gaye Lisby and Garry Ray

About this Episode 

In this episode, we talk with Gaye Lisby and Garry Ray about a unique business opportunity with Amazon (Amazon Retail Arbitrage and Private Label) that could change the lives and wallets of current service members and veterans. Garry and Gaye share how they got into the Amazon business, some tips on getting started, and strategies for turning a hefty profit just by shopping.

Key Bullet Points

  •     Why Amazon is a good opportunity for service members, veterans, military spouses, and stay-at-home Moms
  •     Different ways of selling on Amazon – Private Label vs Retail Arbitrage
  •     Tools and strategies for finding the most profitable profits
  •     Advice for people new to the Amazon selling world

 Key Milestones of the Episodes

[1:40] Garry & Gaye’s introduction to Amazon

[7:38] Amazon Private Label vs Arbitrage

 [10:12] Garry’s story of selling fly strips to make big bucks

[11:44] Why are prices different for the same Amazon item in different places?

[13:53] Why Gaye started the Amazon Sellers Tribe group

[21:00] What are lists?

[23:06] What are replenishables 

[25:20] What advice would you give to someone who is new to Amazon?

Key Resources

Amazon Selling Tribe & List (Plus 7-day free trial)

Key Quotes

“Amazon was the furthest thing from my mind.” – Gaye Lisby

“…if I ever can find a job where you get paid for shopping. We would get a fortune.” – Garry Ray

“Our first 100 days, we sold $117,000.” – Garry Ray

“Amazon now is larger than Walmart, Target, and Costco combined.”- Garry Ray

“One of the best ways to grow and do something in the business field is to find a need and fill it.” – Gaye Lisby 

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