Buswell Biomedical with CEO Sheila Buswell

Shelia Buswell; Veteran On the Move

Army veteran and entrepreneur Sheila Buswell joins Joe for this episode of Veteran On the Move. Injured during her service in Bosnia and following a medical discharge, Sheila channeled her determination into academic pursuits, earning degrees in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. Witnessing the challenges of her mother’s own recovery she saw a problem: the lack of automation in routine patient care tasks. Depending on hands-on mobility assistance not only hinders patient independence but also poses injury risks for healthcare workers. Driven by this need, Sheila founded Buswell Biomedical, developing innovative technologies to transform healthcare automation. In this episode, she shares her inspiring journey, revealing how she translates valuable soft skills honed in military service into entrepreneurial success. 

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About Our Guest   

Sheila Buswell is the CEO and Cofounder of Buswell Biomedical. After losing her scholarship to the University of Utah, she worked full time while attending classes full time for a year. In 1997, she joined the US Army, injuring her foot in Bosnia in 1998. After receiving a medical discharge in 2001, Sheila finished her education. Sheila has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Biomedical Engineering. She published a book in 2023 Is This Seat for Me? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Everyday Life and Business.

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