Psychedelic Therapies for Veterans with Josh Halu

Veteran On the Move; Josh Halu

This week, Joe sits down with Army veteran and entrepreneur Josh Halu, founder and CEO of The Psychedelic Exchange. Josh served as a helicopter pilot for 7 years, graduating from West Point and earning his MBA while still on active duty. He transitioned to the corporate world but driven by a desire for purpose and passion turned to entrepreneurship. Josh founded The Psychedelic Exchange, a web platform connecting veterans with vetted providers of psychedelic-assisted therapies. Josh believes these therapies hold immense potential for treating mental health issues commonly experienced by veterans, including PTSD and anxiety.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Josh’s personal journey and transition from the military to entrepreneurship.
  • The potential of psychedelic therapies for veterans’ mental health.
  • How The Psychedelic Exchange works and its role in destigmatizing and facilitating access to these therapies.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation about innovation, healing, and the power of purpose-driven entrepreneurship.


About Our Guest   

Josh Halu, Founder and CEO of The Psychedelic Exchange, is a dynamic leader committed to revolutionizing veteran healthcare through the innovative use of psychedelic therapies. His background, steeped in military leadership from his time at West Point, fuels his dedication to a critical mission: bringing the number of veteran suicides down to zero. With his deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by veterans, Josh is pioneering new approaches in mental health care, striving to transform the landscape of treatment and support for those who have served.

His work in this field positions him as a key figure at the forefront of combining veteran care with groundbreaking therapeutic practices.


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