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Co-founders of BladesWork Unlimited and Marine Corps Veterans, Christian Helms and Robert ‘Bo’ Plante came by the show to share more about their business and the story behind their startup journey. BladesWork Unlimited provides a sales and marketing platform to bladesmiths, connecting them with customers. Through BladesWork’s marketplace, customers can create custom knives or shop from qualified, vetted craftsmen. Bo and Christian share how they transitioned from the Marines into entrepreneurship and the value of their military experience. They discuss entering and eventually winning funding through a pitch competition and how that helped grow their business. 

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About Our Guests

Christian Helms served for 12 years in the Marine Corps, five years enlisted in Reserves and seven years on active duty as an Infantry Officer. BladesWork started as Shadow Blades Forge in 2018 and then became BladesWork unlimited in 2020. Christian has been making knives for 10 years and absolutely loves the community and the process of creating masterpieces. 

Robert ‘Bo’ Plante is a former Marine Officer and current business owner, consultant, and MBA Graduate Student at George Washington University. During his time on active duty, Bo began his graduate studies at night and co-founded BladesWork Unlimited. Upon EAS, Bo has begun working as a consultant for TSA and DHS and developing a series of leadership discussions for mid-level employees and future leaders, as well as continuing his service in the National Guard.   

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