Cowboy Crickets

James Rolins, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we are honored to host James Rolin on the show.  James Rolin, Montana Army National Guard member is a co-founder of Cowboy Crickets Farms. James and his wife have started a lot of businesses and failed in those; today James will talk about his learnings from the failures and his success story.

Key Points of Discussion

  •     James Rolin’s life story
  •     Learning from failures
  •     Making first company and failure
  •     Getting into crickets business
  •     Business structure
  •     Advice for the veterans

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:08] James Rolin’s life story

[03:26] Business failures and learning from it

[07:23] Family Fun Center

[09:06] Starting of Cowboy Crickets business

[15:44] Growing the business

[19:07] The Chocolate Chirp Cookies

[21:43] Cost competitive business

[25:25] Things needed for cricket business

[30:19] Percentage of margin

[32:28] Advice for the veterans

Key Quotes by James Rolin

  1. “There really is a market for Crickets. It’s just the infrastructure didn’t exist to some extent. It still doesn’t, we’ve increased production substantially and we’re still way behind what the market is demanding right now.”
  2. “Cricket powder with our crickets. At least you’re getting all the nutrition from that entire insect versus those other forms of protein.”
  3. “The biggest barrier to entry for the entire industry is education.”
  4. “If no one wants to buy it, then you’re probably not going to have a business.”
  5. “If you were in the military than you already have all the tools to be an entrepreneur yourself starter, you’re used to getting small amounts of sleep, not very much pay.”
  6. “Entrepreneurship is an extremely tough journey, but it can be a rewarding one and our military personnel know how to get through tough times and simply embrace the suck and keep moving on and that’s the absolute best thing.”

About Our Guest James Rolin

James is the co founder and COO for Cowboy Cricket Farms, the first cricket farm in Montana and largest edible insect producer in the United States. James is a USCG veteran and currently serves as an Ordinance Officer in the Montana Army National Guard. He and his boss Kathy have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and way to many exotic animals at the all new Cowboy Cricket Farms visitor center in Bozeman.





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