Experience Winefulness with Aaron and Kellie Johnsen

Experience Winefulness with Aaron and Kellie Johnsen

This week, we’re speaking to a couple that used their love for wine to create their own business! We’re speaking with Marine Corps Veteran, Aaron Johnsen and his wife Kellie – who together started Experience Winefulness8. Aaron shares his experiences from enlistment to being commissioned as an officer. While Kellie shares her experiences as a military spouse and how Aaron helped her discover her love for wine, which led them both to entrepreneurship! Aaron and Kellie host events where guests can taste wine, learn the fundamentals of wine tasting and the lifelong benefits of mindfulness.

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About Our Guest 

Wine tasting like never before! Learn the fundamentals of wine tasting and the lifelong benefits of mindfulness, all in one glass. As a mother, wife, systemic sex therapist and wine educator, Kellie believes that real care for others, starts with real care for ourselves through wine. Aaron, a retired Marine, loves to show people how good life can be through wine.

Experience Winefulness Website: https://www.experiencewinefulness.com/


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