Family Therapist and Navy SEAL Walt Disney

Walt Disney Veteran on the Move

About this Episode  

In this episode, we talk with Walter Disney, a Navy SEAL who spent 13 years and 3 deployments in the Navy, who came back to serve his community as a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist.

 Key Bullet Points

  • Walter Disney shares his military background
  •  The question you’re bound to ask:’re not related to Walt Disney?
  •   The transition out of Navy SEALS and the important lesson the Teams teaches that can help with transitioning
  •  The huge mental shift that happens when veterans get out of the service
  •  Why responsibility is the key to owning your destiny-even if it’s not your fault
  •   The one message every single veteran needs to hear.

 Key Milestones of the Episodes

[1:08] Matt’s military experience

[5:00] A “Mickey Mouse” story courtesy of the Navy SEALS training

[7:17] Why Walter Disney decided to go into psychology

[8:22] How he made the transition into a therapist

[14:20] Why getting support is vital to people with veterans & PTSD

[29:00] How do you deal with burnout

[35:30] Final word of advice

Key Resources

Disney Family Therapy

Other Resources 

The Healthy Mind Platter

Doc Parsley “America’s Biggest Problem” (TEDx Talk)

Key Quotes

“It’s like ‘What’s a fly-over state guy doing in the Indy Ocean?”

 “The Sharpie is one of the best things. You should never go to combat without it.”

“People who did psychology …were all PHD’s, and that almost made me nauseous.”

“There is something important about hope.”

“‘I’ve heard it said that when the desires of your heart meet the greatest needs of humanity, you’ve found your calling and purpose in life”

“Don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of years to really get your ‘sea legs’ back  under you.”

“People need to take responsibility for their journey. The crap that they had to go through is not their fault, but it is their responsibility.”

“We always have the choice…the choice…”

“I think we have the opportunity to create a “current” ‘ Greatest Generation.”

“When all else fails,Joe,  society will turn to warriors. They always have, to make things good again.”

“Everything has something to contribute.”

“Nobody can poop for you.”

“The most important part about therapy is the bond….”

“We don’t get to pick our gifts when we’re made. We get to choose whether or not to use them for the greater good of humanity. There is nobody out there who does not have gifts or value.”

“Challenge only makes us stronger.”

Get in Contact with Walt Disney

Walt Disney is a former NAVY SEAL who worked as a NAVY SEAL, medic, sniper, and paramedic, and instructor  licensed family and marriage therapist.

Walter Disney’s profile Psychology Today

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  1. Jerri Hoover on July 2, 2019 at 12:23 PM

    So proud of you for making a difference! God Bless!

  2. Christine Disney on July 2, 2019 at 12:58 PM

    Ummm…. cousin Donald Ray did our family tree and did locate our roots to the other Walt Disney. I guess I might have to use that after all LOL! Very proud & impressed with all of your accomplishments, as our family is full of successful & amazing individuals! Love you all & cannot wait to come up & meet everyone one day soon, or ya’ll come visit us in FL❣️
    Christine Disney

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