Healing for Tough Guys with Dave Gerber

Veteran on the Move Dave Gerber

About this Episode  

In this episode, we talk with Dave Gerber about the growing pains of starting your business from scratch, dealing with conflict in a practical way, and expanding our perspective about what it means to heal. Dave shares why conflict and healing isn’t as complicated as it seems and how we can leverage both conflict and healing to be stronger.

 Key Bullet Points  

  •     Tips and growing pains to expect while growing your own business while escaping your “9 to 5”
  •     Why we need to transform our view of conflict and why avoiding conflict is bad
  •     Dave’s transition from leadership coach to martial artist to healer
  •     Dave’s Healing for Tough Guy program
  •     Keeping an open mind about our options for healing

 Key Milestones of the Episode

[1:06] Dave’s career background and entrepreneurial journey

[4:00] Getting clients for your business when you’re just starting out

[5:22] Mistakes and growing pains while growing a business

[9:50] What are the basic things an organization or group should do to avoid conflict?

[15:00] Why we shouldn’t run away from conflict in the workplace

[18:54] Opening up to other ways of self- healing

 [35:30] Final word of advice

Key Quotes

(Regarding some of Dave’s first clients) “They showed up with education but no funding.”

“Being good in your content doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to create a successful business.”

 “People like to buy but they don’t like to feel sold.”

“People have to be realistic about what they’re selling, especially as we’re moving so fast into the digital age…”

“If an organization doesn’t have a reproducible model [for dealing with conflict][ that every employee knows how to use and how to prepare for difficult conversations…I would argue that whatever else they are doing is never going to work to the level they want it to.”

 “Other people’s behavior can’t be an excuse for us not doing what we know to be the best version of ourselves.”

 “The ability to self-heal was the piece that wasn’t talked about in leadership.”

 “If it’s lonely at the top, we have to figure out what to do about it.”

 “Healing and healing [the] self is actually the strongest thing to do.”

 “Sometimes it’s just a simple shift for people.”

 “Meditation doesn’t have to be this scary thing and that what I’m trying to help people understand.”

Key Resources

Synergy Training & Development, LLC

Other Resources 

Conflict Calculator

Get in Contact with Dave Gerber

Dave Gerber is a former teacher who launched his own business in conflict management and resolution (Synergy Training & Development, LLC). He is a keynote speaker, author, and instructor who has worked with a variety of clients ranging from government leaders to NASA.




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