Flipping Vacant Land

Jay Thomason, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Jay Thomason is flipping vacant land and most of the time he never even steps foot on the property. Unbelievable? Jay tells us all about his business.

Jay graduated with a degree in criminal justice. He always wanted to be a cop, but along the way he decided to join the private security world. Jay has worked for Montgomery wards and at Home Depot. Most recently he worked for a security department at a fairly big hospital in Kansas City. All along he had a drive to do something entrepreneurial. In 2009, he started flipping houses with a partner and that was by far the greatest job he ever had.

Then, a couple of years ago, his brother in law introduced him the land flipping business. Listen in for more.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Jay’s journey to land flipping
  • Land flipping as business
  • How masterminds can help you become a better entrepreneur

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:11] Jay’s introduction

[02:40] Introduction to land flipping

[05:31] All about owner financing

[31:03] Are masterminds really necessary?

Key Resources

  1. Think and grow rich- Napoleon Hill

Key Quotes by Jay Thomason

  1. “If somebody is delinquent on their payments, it’s really easy to repossess vacant land.”
  2. “If a buyer trusts you, they will definitely buy from you.”
  3. “Partner up with some people that you know are working with you in this thing.”
  4. “Don’t invest in vacant land because it’s always going to be negative income while you own it.”

Contact Info for Jay Thomason


For more information about Jay’s company, visit http://royallandco.com

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