Leader Development with Army Veteran Noble Gibbens

Noble Gibbens, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we are honored to host Noble Gibbens on the show. Noble is a West Point graduate, successful entrepreneur, speaker, personal mentor, and business coach who learns, lives, and breathes leader development. Nobel is the founder and president of several startups including the 360 movement. Tune into this episode to learn more about Noble Gibbens and his journey.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Nobles Gibben’s life story
  • Failure; a professor
  • Getting out of the army and involved in the business
  • Job description for a successful entrepreneur
  • Advice for entrepreneurs
  • Doing everything by yourself
  • Advice for veterans

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:06] Noble’s life story

[03:15] Planning to get out

[06:06] Teaching kids not to be afraid of failure

[13:08] Experience of getting out of the Army

[17:07] Best advice

[19:26] Evaluating future opportunities

[27:17] Advice for new entrepreneurs

[33:56] Advice for veterans

Key Quotes

  1. “Failure is a tool to maximize; not something to be avoided.”
  2. “How can you meet other people’s needs like creating a business using the strength of God’s giving you to make a better impact in this world?”
  3. “There’s no doubt that transitioning from your comfort zone to the unknown is brutal.”
  4.  “I tell a lot of entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship is like being a UFC fighter. Even if you’re the greatest UFC fighter on the planet, they still get punched in the face and they don’t freak out when they get punched in the face. They don’t cry when they get punched in the face. They don’t walk out of the ring. That is part of the job description.”
  5. “I don’t recommend putting yourself in a situation like getting out of the military if you haven’t even started your side hustle yet or without getting a job. You need seed money and a primary source of income while you are working your side hustle because there’s no pain like financial pain.”
  6. “Failure is not an event. It’s a lesson, it’s a tool.  Learn from your mistakes and learn from those around you.”

About Our Guest  

Noble graduated from West Point and was an Infantry Officer in the 82nd Airborne Division. From there he went on to become a serial entrepreneur being involved in over 10 different start-ups, of which many failed. He recently started a podcast called EQ for Entrepreneurs, runs an active Facebook group called The 360 Movement Personal Growth Tribe and is very involved in the Classical Conversations Homeschool Community.


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