Running a Business on Active Duty

Jason Valadao, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we are honored to host Jason Valadão on the show. Jason is an active duty Doctor in the United States Navy and is the founder and president of several startups. With 19 years of military service on land, in the air, on sea, and in hospitals, along with many years as a professor, coach and mentor, Jason had some great opportunities in life.  Tune into this episode to learn more about Jason Valadão and his journey.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Jason Valadão’s life story
  • Being a doctor; a childhood dream
  • Running business while on active duty
  • Primary and Tricare manager
  • SteadyMD; a revolutionary startup
  • Writing a book
  • Advice for veterans

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:18] Jason’s life story

[02:22] Pursuing childhood dream

[05:06] Business while being on active duty

[09:46] Primary care manager

[12:17] How SteadyMD works

[16:52] Experience with Masterminds

[20:10] Basic concept of Masterminds and benefits of it

[28:00] Advice for veterans

Key Quotes

  1. “So that is what’s really cool about Mastermind groups as you bring people together you get involved in a topic and whether it’s 20 minutes 40 minutes you start diving in.”
  2. “I was taught the concept of a mastermind being as where you take a book to study and basically you assign everybody’s assigned reading.”
  3. “Things that you want in life, whether it’s getting involved with investing in real estate, whether it’s starting your own business, whether it’s how you want to interact with your family and be a better father, brother, husband, wife or be a better coworker to your colleagues.”
  4. “John Maxwell wrote that, everyone communicates but few connect.”
  5. “And so what I love about being a mastermind leader or facilitator is it’s not about me on a Podium just lecturing. It’s about everyone in the group contributing and that contribution is what Society is all about.”
  6. “Find mentors in different areas of your life that are important.”

About Our Guest  

Jason Valadão knows the challenges everyday people face when it comes to creating a fulfilling life. While Jason is 100% inspiring living proof, he has overcome many challenges by anyone’s standards – a leader of men and women in uniform, has taught and mentored at several universities, survived cancer, is a father, and is currently a doctor of family and sports medicine in the United States Navy – his secret for true fulfillment has nothing to do with time or to-do lists. His keen sense and ability to help others through both their struggles and aspirations makes his message unique and inspiring.




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