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Debbie Adams, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we have the privilege to host Debbie Adams on the show. Debbie is a veteran of the Canadian Army and a business owner.  She is an expert in new entrepreneurship, financial literacy, communication and taxes.  Debbie takes people without an entrepreneurial bone in their body and teach them how to make a ton of money and love doing it.

 Key Points of Discussion

  • The Canadian Army
  • Debbie’s transition to civilian life
  • Starting a business
  • Teaching money making
  • Unconscious bias against making money
  • Mindset and Mindshift
  • Spectrum of making money
  • Debbie’s methodology

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:16]  Debbie Adams’s military background

[02:33]  Vision disability and kicked out of the military

[04:19]  Debbie’s experience after the Army

[06:35]  Starting a business and monetizing it

[09:11]  Teaching business people how to make money

[13:19]  Client demographic

[19:13]  Fear of charging too much

[25:50]  Methodology to train clients

[29:33]  Diverse supplier

Key Quotes by Debbie Adams

  1. “They told me I was legally blind and they told me I wouldn’t be able to continue in the military.”
  2. “3,000 applications later nobody would hire me.”
  3. “Since I had such success as a woman in trade and as somebody in a male dominant environment I thought I would teach skills around that.”
  4.  “We often have to go through an inventory of skills to say what can I monetize?”
  5. “I come from a scarcity background mindset and getting to that place where money comes in and you make decisions about for the long term that’s a mindshift.”
  6. “Price does not drive people away.”

About Our Guest Debbie Adams

Debbie Adams served in the Canadian Force for 11 years before a disability made it impossible for her to continue. With many barriers to employment, entrepreneurship became the only option. She now owns an income tax and business coaching business where she inspires other business people to move from heart to serve to profit motive. She is a 3 time published author and award winning speaker on the topic of money mindset.

To hear more about Debbie’s experience, download this episode now.


Money Mindset: How Changing My Mind About Money Helped Me To Succeed As An Entrepreneur Kindle Edition by Debbie Adams (Author), Marlene Oulton (Editor)

Book Club/Workshop 2020, Fast-track business growth in 2020:  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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