OnTrajectory with Tyson Koska

Tyson Koska, Veteran On the Move

This week Joe is joined by Army Veteran and entrepreneur Tyson Koska. Tyson served as a helicopter pilot; going from high school to flight school and attending college after four years of service. Following graduation, Tyson entered the IT world and started a 25 year career. He shares with Joe how he created OnTrajectory, a personal finance software that helps users with long term planning. OnTrajectory is unique from other available financial planning tools because it is highly customizable and user’s information is kept private. Tyson shares the lessons he has learned and advice for other entrepreneurs. Check out OnTrajectory here



About Our Guest 


Tyson is a former Oh-58 pilot and Army veteran. After leaving the military, he used his GI Bill to earn degrees in English and Philosophy. Faced with few job prospects, however, Tyson turned to IT where he spent 25 years in software development. Tyson founded OnTrajectory.com in 2014 because he was tired of waiting for someone else to create meaningful personal finance software for regular individuals. His new life mission is to bring easy and accurate financial modeling to everyone.



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