Project Buna with Donny Brazeal & Mike Madrid

Project Buna with Donny Brazeal and Mike Madrid

We’re speaking with Donny Brazeal and Mike Madrid, who are both Active Duty Navy who started a coffee business called Project Buna. Donny and Mike both speak about their unique experiences in the Navy. Donny and Mike met during a sea tour in Rota, Spain where they discovered their love for coffee through a coffee club they were a part of. After they both moved to DC they launched their own specialty coffee business, Project Buna. Project Buna’s mission is to make specialty, third-wave coffee more accessible so you can brew it right at home. 

“Just get out there and do it and learn.” – Donny Brazeal

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About Our Guest

Donny Brazeal grew up in Bend, Oregon and enlisted in the Navy in 2001, later earning a commission as a Limited Duty Officer. In his nearly 20 years of service, he has been stationed on various ships in the US, Asia, and Europe. He is currently completing a tour of duty in the nations capital and will be rejoining the Fleet in the Spring of 2021.

Mike Madrid was born in California and grew up on the West Coast (and for several years in Africa). He graduated from the Naval Academy in 2014 and has served on ships based in Japan and in Spain. He is currently on Navy staff duty in Arlington, Virginia and also volunteers with the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum.

Donny and Mike met during their last sea tour onboard the USS DONALD COOK in Rota, Spain. It was on the ship that their love and expertise in coffee took off, and when they moved to the Washington D.C. area they launched their own specialty coffee business called Project Buna.

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