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Sha Sparks, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Today we are honored to host Sha Sparks on the show. Sha has been a mentor and coach for more than twenty years. She started her career as a hair stylist at the age of 21 and had her own salon for 12 years.

Sha has a great program to help and empower women around the globe. As the founder of the Sparks of Hope Foundation, she helps you learn basic things about personal development and also provides coaching services.

Key Points of Discussion

  •     Sha’s introduction
  •     Sha’s career
  •     Consulting and Coaching business
  •     entrepreneurship as a purpose
  •     Finding the purpose of life
  •     Experience with a client
  •     Advice for finding a purpose

Key Milestones of this Episode

[01:05] Getting to know about Sha

[04:05] Start of coaching business

[07:22] Success of Sha in salon business

[12:20] First experience in consulting

[19:15] Operation Alpha (Awareness, Leadership, Purpose, Hope, Alignment)

[23:02] Description of Alpha

[27:17] Interesting Story

[31:20] Advice from Sha

 Key Quotes by Sha Sparks

  1. “I decided to add coaching as well and speaking and I’ve written a book is because I was learning so much and investing in myself so much that it was overflowing onto my clients and I would tell them the stories of what I learned this week and they’re like this is fascinating stuff.”
  2. “The key to listening is to really listen to the people around you that you trust and they’ll tell you if you need a business.”
  3. “When people ask you at least three times the same question. There’s your business.”
  4. “The number one cause of the veteran suicide issue is loss of purpose.”
  5. “You have to be really aware of what is triggering you and how it’s triggering you and what you’re doing when you’re getting triggered, so you can take a proactive step outside of that trigger to do something different.”
  6. “How many times do we go through life and we have those moments where we just wish we had somebody that we could talk to?”
  7. “Exploring with curiosity and not have an outcome to what you’re exploring. Just go and just to learn.”

About Our Guest Sha Sparks

Sha Sparks, an energetic, loving, and inspiring speaker, coach, and author whose mission is to help women transform their trauma into treasure.

As the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Hope & Certified Fearless Living Coach, Sha empowers her clients to peel away the layers of their own negative inner dialogue, limiting beliefs, and fear that stems from verbal abuse and loss, which prevents them from living the life they want.

When women work with her, they experience a higher level of confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love that gives them permission to step out of their comfort zone and fully participate in life.

Her motto is when we share our own lessons learned of overcoming adversities, we ignite a tiny spark of hope, love, connection, and community in other people. And when we ignite that spark, the whole world lights up.

Connect with Sha

The Power of Investing in People

How to Get Your Voice Back


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