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Jeremy Stalnecker; Veteran On the Move

This episode features Jeremy Stalnecker, a Marine Corps Veteran and CEO of The Mighty Oaks Foundation. Host Joe Crane dives into Jeremy’s journey, from serving as an Infantry Officer in Operation Iraqi Freedom to his transition into ministry. Jeremy openly discusses the challenges he faced and the importance of support systems for veterans in transition.

The conversation then shifts to The Mighty Oaks Foundation, a nonprofit Jeremy established. We learn about the organization’s mission to empower veterans and their families by removing barriers to PTSD recovery and healing. Jeremy shares the inspiration behind the foundation and how veterans continue their commitment to supporting one another even after their military service ends. He also offers insights into the challenges and rewards of leading a non-profit. Listeners will gain valuable takeaways on fundraising strategies and maintaining focus on a mission-driven vision.

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The Mighty Oaks Foundation



About Our Guest   

Jeremy Stalnecker, CEO of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, aids America’s military and families battling combat-related wounds like PTSD. A Marine Corps veteran, he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, acquiring leadership skills. As a USMC Infantry Officer, Jeremy received a Veteran Navy Commendation Medal with V for Combat Valor. Transitioning to ministry after the military, he counseled at Coastline Baptist, then served as Senior Pastor at Bay Area Baptist Church. Feeling the calling, Jeremy merged his ministry and military background, leading Mighty Oaks Foundation full-time where today he strives to provide healing for veterans and their families to battle PTSD and veteran suicide. Additionally, Jeremy is often a speaker on the topic of leadership and discipleship



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