Northwest Battle Buddies with Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker: Veteran On the Move

Shannon Walker, CEO & Founder of Northwest Battle Buddies, shares her inspiring journey of providing service dogs to Veterans with PTSD. Walker, with 30 years of dog training experience, sheds light on the challenges and rewards of running a non-profit compared to her previous businesses. Funding remains a constant hurdle, but she discusses various fundraising strategies and the importance of building a strong team with diverse expertise. Northwest Battle Buddies has successfully paired 244 service dogs with Veterans, highlighting the life-changing impact these canine companions have on veterans struggling with PTSD. Walker emphasizes the proven effectiveness of service dogs and offers valuable advice for those considering starting their own non-profit

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Northwest Battle Buddies


About Our Guest   

Shannon Walker is the CEO & Founder of Northwest Battle Buddies, a nonprofit providing service dogs to combat veterans with PTSD. Inspired by her father, a veteran, Shannon’s passion for supporting veterans runs deep.



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