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Amanda Mineer, Veteran on the Move

About this Episode

Amanda Mineer is an attorney who helps her clients through the VA Claim process.  Amanda is with the Veteran’s Law Group in the San Diego area. She started with business law work and helping people start businesses.  In the process of helping a friend who had came back from IRAQ through how to file the paperwork for VA claims, Amanda found her new career.  Found out how VLG can help you appeal decisions and increase your percentages if you have been denied.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Amanda’s background 
  • Amanda’s entrepreneurship journey as an attorney
  • How to make it easy for the VA to find items in your paperwork
  • Denied or underrated for appeals
  • PTSD rating
  • Why claims take so long

 Key Milestones of this Episode

 [00:58]  Amanda’s introduction

 [02:07]  Amanda’s journey as an attorney

 [05:07]  Issues with claims

 [08:01]  Getting percentage increased

 [10:10]  PTSD appeals

 [17:20]  VA under rates   

 [23:49]  How do veterans know if their ratings are correct

Key Quotes by Amanda Mineer

  1. “If you spent 20 years in the military your STRs are probably pretty lengthy.”
  2. “One of the biggest struggles they face is if they wait too long to file their claim.”
  3. “The service connection is the hardest thing to get if you wait too long.”
  4. “All of the percentages are determined by statute.”
  5. “I don’t see it when the VA gets it right, I see the worst of the worst.”
  6. “I always encourage veterans to read through the decisions of their ratings.”

 About Our Guest Amanda Mineer

Amanda Mineer is an expert on giving Veterans support they need through difficult claims processes. She has been with Veterans Law Group since 2013 and has helped Veterans get back pay of 40 million dollars in benefits.

Connect with Amanda


Ph. 888-811-0523

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