Veteran Entrepreneur

Richo Danielson, Veteran on the Move

In this episode, we talk with Ricoh Danielson, a veteran turned multi-business entrepreneur, author, and advocate for veteran’s rights. Ricoh shares the experience-tested wisdom he (and other veteran entrepreneurs) learned while trying to build a profitable and impactful business. In particular, he goes in depth about the lessons he learned from veterans who created successful businesses with nothing but a plan and hard work.

If you are veteran who needs some entrepreneurial inspiration or mental preparation for what’s ahead, this episode is for you.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Business failure: How do you recover when your business falls flat on its face?
  • Key insights from 4 powerful, mission-focused businesses that started from scratch
  • Building a veteran-owned business from scratch: What mindset do you need to be a success?
  • Self-care & entrepreneurship
  • Is serving in the Army a boost or obstacle to entrepreneurship?
  • What is the key to creating a sustainable business as an entrepreneur

Key Milestones of this Episode

[1:14] Ricoh’s time in the military 

[2:20] The epic business failure of Ricoh’s first business & his successes in the IT industry

[8:10] Big business lessons from other veteran entrepreneur

[9:53] What are some resources and support entrepreneurs can use while building their business?

[11:15] Common success principles of entrepreneurship 

[14: 30] Routine and self-care for entrepreneurs 

[16:35] “Be the expert” 

[18:00] Understanding what your customer really needs 

[23:35] What were some of the biggest surprises you learned while meeting other veteran entrepreneurs?

[27:49] Succeeding at learning from failure

Key Resources

The Rise of the Vetrepreneur: FORTITUDE AND GRIT

Battlefield Parenting: Workbook

Rise of the Vetrepreneur on YouTube 

Ricoh Danielson YouTube channel

Other Resources

Grunt Style 

Trident Coffee

American Grains

Key Quotes by Ricoh Danielson 

  1. Ricoh on success as an entrepreneur: “…stick to the game plan…live well below your means and have a purposeful intention towards the business”
  2. “Your first business may not be ‘it’. Don’t be discouraged.”
  3. “Dream bigger and visualize bigger than you think.”

Get in Contact with Ricoh Danielson

Ricoh Danielson is a veteran who became a lawyer and politician/advocate for veteran’s rights. He is also a consultant for a digital forensics company and author.


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