Veterans Can Crush Entrepreneurship with Dane Maxwell from The Foundation

152: Veterans Can Crush Entrepreneurship with Dane Maxwell Founder of the Foundation

 On today’s episode, Joe Crane discusses how veterans can crush entrepreneurship with Dane Maxwell Founder of The Foundation. Dane is a singer-songwriter who has applied his skills in entrepreneurship. He has a new album that’s set to help you find your purpose. Tune in, and learn how you can deal with transition and start your business!

It All Started With One Question…

Dane founded The Foundation when he was asked how he created so much value with his growing software business, and was invited on Mixergy for a chat with Andrew Warner. The interview became viral in days, and soon hundreds of people were banging down Dane’s door asking him to help them do the same thing.


From that a private mentorship group of 88 people called The Software Roundtable was born. The pre-cursor to The Foundation, it helped launch dozens of successful businesses using Dane’s popular Idea Extraction Method.

A Home for Entrepreneurs

That summer, The Foundation was born launching classes of 336 and 600 people respectively. They haven’t looked back since then, and have been doing everything they can to help entrepreneurs start from scratch.


They have been testing, tweaking and refining their content to create one of the most comprehensive training programs for new entrepreneur in the world. The Foundation has been a community for over 1500 people from 40+ different countries. Their goal has always been to make a home for entrepreneurs who have nothing to start with.

Dane’s New Album

Can An Album Help You Find Your Purpose?

  1. Track 1 helps you find your still small voice.
  2. Track 2 helps you strengthen that voice until it can fly.
  3. Track 3 helps you tell others to stay away from it, and to stay away from the gift that is your thing to do.
  4. Track 4 asks the fundamental life question, as it relates to what you do.
  5. Track 5 helps you become present to see the obvious gifts in front of you.
  6. Track 6 shows you how to leverage the weird qualities of your friends to find your own.
  7. Track 7 unleashes the masculine heart in us all.
  8. Track 8 unlocks the feminine heart in us all.
  9. Track 9 helps you finish what you start.
  10. Track 10 shoots you out of a cannon to take the first action on your path.


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If you are short on time, here are the highlights of Veterans Can Crush Entrepreneurship with Dane Maxwell Founder of the Foundation:


Who is Dane Maxwell? ([1:43])

Pattern recognition? ([4:25])

Adapting to changes? ([8:15])

Having an entrepreneurial mindset? ([12:59)

A software solution to needs? ([17:25])

Crush entrepreneurship? ([23:46])

Time to start earning money? ([26:30])

Dane’s piece of advice? ([34:40])

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