Arbo’s Cheese Dip with Andrew Abrogast

Andrew Abrogast; Veteran On the Move

In this episode, Joe is joined by Army Veteran and entrepreneur Andrew Abrogast. Andrew served as an Apache helicopter pilot for ten years before transitioning into the corporate world. Andrew worked towards his transition while still on Active Duty and partnered with a mentor he was matched with through American Corporate Partners. He had a successful corporate job but turned to entrepreneurship looking for change and founded Arbo’s Cheese Dip in 2021. Andrew shares how he took his father’s cheese dip recipe from local retail to a deal with Kroger. Check out Arbo’s Cheese Dip here



About Our Guest  

Andrew Arbogast is an Army veteran / Apache helicopter pilot from Memphis, TN. Andrew left the Army for corporate America in 2017 after serving 10 years – bored with his career, Andrew decided to start a business in Jan 2021, Arbos Cheese Dip, using his fathers Queso recipe. After reaching hundreds of stores in several states by Aug 2021, Andrew left his job at International Paper to pursue national grocery retail and landed a deal to launch Arbos in Kroger on Oct 27, 2022.



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