Ocean View Stables with Zachary Leyden

Zachary Leyden; Veteran On the Move

In this episode of Veteran On the Move, Joe is joined by Army Veteran and founder of Ocean View Stables, Zachary Leyden. Zachary served in the infantry and left Active Duty after returning from a deployment to Afghanistan. He attended college but struggled during his transition with PTSD and losing the strong sense of purpose that comes with military service. After a life changing connection with a Vietnam Veteran, he started working with horses and regained that sense of purpose. Joe and Zachary discuss the impact of teaching Veteran horsemanship and how he created a business model that can provide multiple streams of income while giving back to his fellow Veterans. Check out Ocean View Stables here


About Our Guest   

Zachary Leyden, a resilient and transformative individual, is our guest today. As a distinguished military veteran, he has found solace and renewal through his deep connection with horses, establishing a thriving horse recreation business. Zachary’s dedication to helping veterans through horseback riding sets him apart. With a unique blend of technology, equestrian artistry, and business acumen, he offers invaluable leadership insights from his military service and entrepreneurial ventures. Join us as we explore Zachary’s inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, horsemanship, and the world of coding.


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