Warrior Surf Foundation with Stephanie Dasher

Stephanie Dasher; Veteran On the Move

This week, Joe Crane welcomes Stephanie Dasher, Navy Veteran and Executive Director of the Warrior Surf Foundation (WSF). WSF empowers Veterans struggling with PTSD, depression, and other mental health challenges by offering free surf therapy, yoga, wellness classes, and a supportive community.

Stephanie shares her personal journey: transitioning out of the military alongside her husband, facing his PTSD diagnosis, and discovering the transformative power of WSF. This experience ignited her passion to serve again, leading her to volunteer and ultimately become the Executive Director.

Beyond her story, Stephanie delves into the challenges and rewards of leading a non-profit: navigating obstacles, securing resources, and sustaining WSF’s impact on Veterans’ lives. This episode offers a unique perspective on veteran transition, and the dedication behind impactful organizations like WSF.



About Our Guest   

Stephanie Dasher is the executive director of the Warrior Surf Foundation (WSF), a Charleston, SC-based nonprofit that provides free surf therapy, yoga, wellness classes and community to Veterans struggling with PTSD, depression and other mental health challenges. Prior to her current position, she was in the U.S. Navy for five years and obtained degrees in Nuclear Engineering Sciences and Technology, Visual Communication and Graphic Design. At Warrior Surf Foundation, she leads in all areas, including community engagement, program growth, strategic planning and more. Stephanie has had an influential impact on the organization, which, under her leadership, served over 190 Veterans and provided over 3,181 hours of direct support in 2023 alone.


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