Hiring Veterans with Matthew J. Louis

Matthew J. Louis; Veteran On the Move

Returning to the show is Army Veteran, author, and career transition expert Matthew J. Louis. Matthew was previously on the show in 2019 to discuss his book Mission Transition and has just released his second book Hiring Veterans. He shares his own transition story and what drives his mission today of eliminating the ever widening civil-military divide. Hiring Veterans is a practical guide for organizational leaders to successfully include members of the military community and take advantage of the unique talent pool. 

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About Our Guest   

Matt Louis is one of the nation’s leading experts in career transition for veterans and public service professionals. He coaches individuals on their transition efforts and advises employers on hiring programs designed to successfully assimilate these valuable talent pools. He is the author of the award-winning and best-selling HarperCollins book Mission Transition, a practical guide for veterans in career transition, their families, and their employers. His second book, Hiring Veterans, a practical guide for organizational leaders on how to build programs to successfully assimilate veteran and military spouse talent, will be published in September.


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